Easy Indoor Gardening Tips for Beginners (to edit)

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Easy Indoor Gardening Tips for Beginners

Are you looking for some indoor gardening tips for beginners? We have got you covered with our simple guide! When you are new to something, it helps to get some tips to work with. Indoor gardening comes with a myriad of benefits that are healthy for you and your home. Growing an indoor garden can be as easy as popping your favorite plant on a window, or as hard as raising a full herb garden in your kitchen. No matter how big or small, an indoor garden requires some knowledge.


Here are a few gardening tips to get you started on your new adventure

  • Tip 1: Choose where to grow your plants. When considering an indoor garden, decide where to exactly place it. Knowing how much space you have to work with affects your options. The space that you choose has a big part to play in what type of plants to grow and what source of light to use.
  • Tip 2: Choose the right plants for your space. Once you identify what space you have, go ahead and select the right plants to grow. By choosing the plants, you need to consider the following:
  • How much light the plants will get
  • The temperature of the room
  • How big the plants will grow
  • How long it will take for the plants to reach maturity
  • Tip 3: Get to know how your garden will get light. What you are growing and where you are growing it is affected by the amount of light your space allows. Many house plants thrive in low light and will not need direct sunlight. During flowering and fruiting, the plant needs more sunshine than at any other time. Such plants need to stay as close to a window that receives up to 8 hours of sunlight per day. If you realize you do not have ample natural light, you will need to supplement it with Grow lights. These lights come in fluorescent, LED, or HID grow lights that give your plants the light they need. Full-spectrum lights provide your plants with the best range of light. They allow the plant to grow to its full potential. Blue light is excellent for plant growth. While red light stimulates plants to produce flowers and fruits. Plants benefit most from a full spectrum light. When shopping for a grow light, invest in one that allows you to control the red and blue lights independently. This is very beneficial to your indoor garden.
  • Tip 4: Consider how and when to water your garden. Watering depends on the type of plants you have. Most gardening experts suggest that you water your houseplants once a week. Some plants are more delicate and will need water more than once a week. A majority of plants thrive at a temperature of 65 – 75 degrees but they can still grow if it is a bit hotter or colder. When it is warmer you will need to water them more but not as much as when it’s cooler. Learn how to check the soil moisture and adjust your watering schedule as necessary.
  • Tip 5: Get yourself some handy gardening tools. There are some vital tools that you will need in your new journey. These tools help you track the growth of your plants with ease. They include:
  • Soil moisture meter – It helps you determine the amount of water your soil needs. Using this tool gives you information on how much moisture your soil holds. It prevents you from overwatering or under-watering that can damage your plants.
  • pH soil tester – To know the condition of your soil even before growing any plants, it is best to use this tool. It tests the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. It also determines the levels of the nutrients the plants’ needs. If the pH value is too high or too low, it can have a disastrous effect on the plants. Use a pH tester on your soil before you plant to ensure you are using healthy soil.

Finally, you can choose to get a 3 in 1 soil tester. It will test the soil moisture, the pH level, and the light intensity of your plant. This tool gives you value for your money instead of buying a single unit for each task. Amazon is one of the stockiest that has a variety to choose from.

Take time and use these gardening tips to make your new journey easy and fun!


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