How to Choose an Essential Oil Diffuser: All You Need To Know

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Aromatherapy is a modern trend that has taken the world by storm. People are starting to use essential oils for more than just their own personal wellness, but also in the office space, shops and restaurants.

If you’re looking for an aromatherapy diffuser, there are many options available on the market today. Here is what you need to know about choosing an Aromatherapy Diffuser

What are Essential oil diffusers?

Essential oil diffusers are a type of device that helps to disperse essential oils into the air. The diffuse works by using water and heat as well as an electric current. This helps in creating a mist that is infused with the essential oils of your choice.

What are the benefits of using Aromatherapy Diffusers?

There are many health benefits to using an aromatherapy diffuser, including reducing stress and anxiety levels. Using the aromatherapy diffuser also has many benefits for your home including reducing bacteria, improving air quality, and making it easier to breathe.

They are also used in businesses such as salons and spas to create a more relaxing environment that can help reduce stress levels during treatments.

Different Types of Diffusers

There are many different types of Aromatherapy Diffusers available on the market today. When choosing a diffuser, you need to consider what type is best for your needs and budget.

  • Ultrasonic – This uses an ultrasonic chip that creates vibrations at high speeds within the water chamber which breaks down the essential oil particles and emits them into the air. These are often considered to be more high-end diffusers as they offer a quieter, but stronger mist output and can cover larger areas with ease.
  • Heat Pads – These work by using heat in order to release the fragrance from an oil or wax formula. The downside with these types of diffusers is that they often have a lower output and shorter running time.
  • Evaporative – This is another popular option that creates cool air from warm dry air using an electric fan or turbine blade. The water particles attach themselves to this cool air and are released into the room.
  • Reed Diffusers – This type of diffuser uses reeds that are dipped into the oil or wax mixture. The essential oils then rise up through these reeds and diffuse into the air around them.

What to look out for when choosing an Aromatherapy Diffuser

There are thousands of different diffusers available on the market and it can be hard to know which one will suit you best, so we have listed a few things that you should definitely think about before purchasing any from your local department store or online.

Size – Do you have a lot of space? If so then it’s probably not necessary to choose one that can cover up large areas as this will just be wasteful when only using the diffuser in smaller spaces. On the other hand, if you are looking for something portable, check the dimensions and weight before making your purchase.

The Timer – This is an essential feature that allows you to set the diffuser to release fragrance for a designated period of time. You can get one with several timed settings or just the continuous run option, so it’s worth thinking about what would work best for you before making any final decisions.

Ease of Use – The last thing you need is a diffuser that requires complicated instructions or settings in order to get the best out of its features. If this sounds like your type of product then it may be worth sourcing some user reviews before making any final decisions about which one to buy.

Noise Level – There are many different types of Aromatherapy Diffusers available on the market today, but some are definitely quieter than others. There are ultrasonic models that produce no noise at all when in use so these could be a good choice for those who want to ensure they can enjoy their favorite fragrance without being disturbed by any background noises.

Power Source – The majority of Aromatherapy Diffusers are either powered by electricity or batteries, but there are also some that use heat to power them. If you want a more eco-friendly option then it may be worth looking for one with an alternative source of energy.

Price – Diffusers can range in price from a few pounds to several hundred depending on the features available and their power source. It is possible to find good deals online if you shop around and it’s always worth comparing prices before making any final decisions.

How to Clean an Essential Oil Diffuser:

Once you have chosen your new Aromatherapy Diffuser, it is important to follow the correct maintenance procedures so that it can provide many years of service.

Ultrasonic – For this type of diffuser, all you need to do is wipe down the inside with a damp cloth and some cooking soda once every couple of days until it is looking sparkling clean. This will ensure that any bacteria or other particles are removed and stay in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

Evaporative – For this type of diffuser you should wipe down the outside with a damp cloth, but take care to avoid getting water inside where they contain oils so this can damage them. You should never immerse them in water or use harsh chemicals to clean the internal work.

To ensure that your Aromatherapy Diffuser provides many years of service, it is important to follow any instructions provided by the manufacturer on how best to keep this type of product looking as good as new for as long as possible. Taking care of it in this way will ensure that you get the most out of its features and provide many hours of enjoyment.

Type of Oils and Their Benefits:

There are many different types of Essential Oils available today, but the most common are Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Eucalyptus. Each of these has its own unique benefits so it’s worth learning more about them before making any final decisions on which ones you want to purchase.

Lavender – This is a very popular type of oil that can be used for many different purposes both at home and in the workplace. It has a distinctive scent that is very popular with many people but can also help to improve your sleep and lift your mood when used at night time.

Peppermint – This type of oil helps to clear out any unwanted toxins from our bodies, which can make it easier for us to stay healthy on a day-to-day basis. It can help to clear your nasal passages and fight any infections that you may have, but it is also great for when you just need a bit of an energy boost during long days at work or school.

Lemongrass – This type of oil has a calming effect on the mind which makes it easier for us to switch off and relax. It also helps to cleanse the body of any toxins that could be lurking inside it, which can help you to stay healthy in both mind and body.

Eucalyptus – This type of oil provides a fresh scent that is perfect for when you need an energy boost during long days at work or school. It can also help to clear up any nasal or chest congestion that may be causing you problems and it also has a calming effect on the mind which makes it easier for us to switch off and relax.

For more information about Essentials Oils and Their Benefits, click here.

Incorrect Use of Aromatherapy Diffusers:

There are many reasons why people choose to buy diffusers, but some do it for the wrong reason. These machines should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment of any kind and they may cause issues if you have certain health conditions or take regular medication without consulting your doctor first.

People who suffer from epilepsy or other seizures should also avoid using aromatherapy diffusers and if you have any of the following health conditions then it is probably not a good idea to use one:

Allergic reactions – If your skin becomes irritated or red after using a diffuser, stop using it immediately. You may also notice that there are small bumps on the surface of your skin which could be an allergic reaction. In this case, seek medical attention as soon as possible to get the correct treatment for your condition.

Breastfeeding – Some essential oils can reduce milk production so it is important that you avoid using a diffuser if you are breastfeeding or trying to conceive a child in the near future. You should also consult with your doctor before using one if you are expecting a baby or have recently given birth.

Pregnancy – Some essential oils may cause problems during pregnancy so it’s important that you don’t use any diffusers while pregnant unless your doctor has specifically recommended them for this purpose. If in doubt, ask your doctor before using one at all as this could help prevent any potential health issues.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) – This is when the body becomes intolerant to certain chemicals in everyday products, so it’s important that you avoid using diffusers if you suffer from MCS symptoms like headaches and nausea. Only use them at home or in small spaces where there are no other people present who may be affected by the oils.

Congestion and chest infections – Cold and flu symptoms like congestion and a sore throat can be treated with essential oils, but it’s important not to use them when you have any of these conditions as they could make your condition worse. For example, using eucalyptus oil while suffering from the common cold may cause breathing issues.

If you are in any doubt about whether or not to use an aromatherapy diffuser, it’s best to speak with your doctor before making a final decision. This can help prevent any potential health problems in the future and ensure that you get the most out of your machine without putting your safety at risk.


Q. Do I need to add water?

A. Depends on the machine. Most diffusers will require you to add water in order for them to work, but some are designed so that they can be used with just oil.

Q. Are they safe?

A. Only if they’re being used correctly and not for any other purpose than their intended use as aromatherapy appliances only – do not use essential oils in a burner or candle for example as this can be dangerous and cause serious injuries.

Q. What is aromatherapy?

A. It’s a natural technique that uses essential oils to encourage relaxation and improve your mood by influencing what scents you can smell around you at any given moment so it’s an alternative treatment method that may help with sleeping problems or other common issues like anxiety.

Q. Do they make the air feel cooler?

A. No, you should place them in a well-ventilated room and use at your own risk if you suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma or bronchitis as this can cause problems when breathing in essential oils that may irritate your lungs.

Q. How long will they last?

A. The duration of use varies depending on a number of factors like how often you use your machine and what brand you have purchased but they will usually last for around eight hours before they need to be recharged.

Q. How do I change the oil?

A: It depends on what model you have purchased but it’s best to read through your user manual or check online if necessary as this information may not come with the machine when you buy it.

Some of them may require you to push a button so the oil can be poured out while others allow you to unscrew them with your fingers.

You may also need to change it once every few weeks or several times per year depending on how often they are used and if there is an automatic shut-off function that stops working when the water level gets too low.

Q. Are some essential oils better than others?

A. No, they all have the same benefits when used in a diffuser and it is purely personal preference which ones you choose to use for your own needs. There are also many different types of machines available so experiment with them until you find one that works well for your purposes.

Q. How do I use it?

A. It’s easy to get started with your diffuser, simply follow the instructions that come with the machine and make sure you read all of them first before plugging it in or filling up any bottles with oil or water, etc. If you don’t know how to use it then you may need to consult the user manual or find some online tutorials.

Q. How much do they cost?

A. They vary depending on what brand and model of machine you are using but most machines can be bought for under $100 so it’s a good idea to shop around before making your final decision as this will help you get the best value for money.

Q. What do I use it for?

A: They can be used to treat many different conditions related to your physical, mental, and emotional state so it’s important that you read up on them beforehand if this is not something you are familiar with already.

Many people find they help aid better sleep and alleviate the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety so they can be used to help you get a good night’s rest.

Q: What is the best essential oil diffuser?

A: As there are many different brands on the market at present it makes sense to do your research before making any final decisions as this will help ensure that you get a machine that is well-made and works in the way you need it to.

You should also look at customer testimonials before making any purchases as this will help give you an idea of what other customers have said about their experiences with certain machines so you can see if they would be suitable for your personal needs.

Q. Is it safe for children to use?

A. No, not without adult supervision or if recommended by a doctor. They are also unsuitable for pets so don’t put them in the same room as your animals.

Q. What oils should I avoid using?

A. You should never use any oil if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy or another seizure disorder, are breastfeeding a child, are pregnant, suffering from allergies to the ingredients in essential oils, or multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and it is also not recommended that you use them on children under five years old.

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